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Do you have the right checks and balances in place?

Today's businesses have the daily challenge of creating, drafting, approving and publishing enterprise content to their customers, both internal and external.  The content can be a small intra-departmental procedure to an enterprise wide strategic planning document that requires complex inter-departmental routing, reviews and approvals.

Typically the process of approving the content is a manual one utilizing corporate email platforms and no one taking accountability. 

Implementing your own Digital Content Controls

ClearCadence understands that keeping control of content requires a structure for a company to perform these important functions in an efficient, organized and auditable manner. That's why we've developed ClearNotice for Digital Content Control, a configurable workflow and content management solution that allows organizations to take control of their content approval process.  

Alfresco Process Services

ClearNotice allows your business complete oversight and control of any new or modified content, including:

  • Creating and editing core content

  • Deciding on the owner

  • Vetting the stakeholders

  • Approval of content

  • Communication of new or modified content

  • Publishing the content on Go Live dates

ClearNotice For Digital Content Control

ClearNotice For Digital Content Control

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By utilizing our dynamic approval cycle solution, businesses can be assured that no content will ever be viewed without going through their authorization channels

Built on the Alfresco Digital Business Platform

An open and modular platform on which to build, integrate and extend the flow of business for true digital transformation:

  • Alfresco Process Services (APS)

  • Alfresco Content Services (ACS)

  • Alfresco Governance Services (AGS)

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