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To have a true enterprise-wide solution, your assets need to interoperate with your mission critical systems.  ​

This means data that was captured from your digitized assets can and should be fed to these systems automatically instead of being keyed by hand. ​  A well thought out integration plan can deliver your data​ to your systems, efficiently and effectively.

Integrate Content and Data to your Mission Critical Systems

Relatable content can be programmatically displayed within other systems based on matching metadata being accessed.  By utilizing integration, your enterprise content along with your systems completes an end-to-end view and gives you a clear picture of your business.

ClearCadence Enterprise Integration

By capturing the data from the content, you can seamlessly integrate the information to your mission-critical systems to give you efficient access and allow you to utilize it without manual keying or duplication of data. 

An effective digital business solution should integrate and provide: ​

  • Content-to-system integration without re-keying data.

  • System-to-system integration when data needs to be created and managed in multiple locations as part of the overall business process.

  • Human-to-system integration to allow end-users to enhance data with their knowledge and make the back-end systems more intelligent.

  • An end-to-end view of the data and process from the originating content, through the process, and into the back-end systems.  ​

ClearCadence is focused on supporting our customers in the adoption and deployment of integration strategies that support effective digital business solutions

We partner with the leaders in digital transformation

ClearCadence knows OpenText
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OpenText believes connecting ECM and BPM platforms with other business systems allows customers to get every ounce of value out of the vast amounts of enterprise information. 

Alfresco improves ECM and BPM success with integrations to popular productivity and line-of-business applications. 

K2’s patented SmartObjects allow data capture from multiple sources which can be combined into one logical “smart” entity.

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