ClearCadence Solution Accelerators are pre-packaged processes, demonstrations, techniques, and code that help our customers get a competitive jump-start with their digital business solution implementations.

DocuSign® Connector for Alfresco

The ClearCadence DocuSign® Connector for Alfresco is valuable to any organization looking to provide streamlined integration between the Alfresco Digital Business Platform and DocuSign®.  This includes both from a process automation and a content management perspective, with end-to-end integration capabilities.

ClearView for Alfresco Digital Business Platform

A configurable web application for the Alfresco Digital Business Platform that allows organizations to configure, implement, and use a single interface across Alfresco Process and Content Services.  By utilizing ClearView, organizations put the processing power in each user's hands and allows them to work from a consistent interface and this in-turn improves efficiencies and lowers your overall deployment and training costs.

ClearNotice for Digital Content Control

Sophisticated and configurable application that allows organizations to closely manage the content that gets published to internal or external customers. Allows your business complete oversight and control of any new or modified content.

ClearNotice for Compliance

Compliance tracking solution that provides a method for communicating new regulations and tracking the due diligence each department put into making sure their areas are compliant with the regulations.  See demo here.

ClearNotice for IT Application Governance

Provide insight into a project's development cycle by distributing new or changed project plans, design or technical documents, change control forms or other project related documents in this structured and configurable workflow solution.

ClearNotice for Marketing & Advertising

Don't let your customers get the wrong message by sending out the wrong advertisements.  Utilize ClearNotice to manage and track new or changed marketing materials by dynamically assigning the proper people for review prior to the piece being published.

ClearNotice for Interdepartmental Communications

Communications between departments doesn't have to be a challenge or something that always needs to be improved.  ClearNotice provides a tool to enable organizations to review, collaborate and approve interdepartmental memos and notices to make sure they don't go out wrong. 

ClearNotice for Standard Operating Policies & Procedures

When a new or changed Standard Operating Policy (SOP) goes out with errors, it can lead to issues when trying to implement and use them.  Make sure your SOPs are reviewed and approved prior to be distributed with ClearNotice. 

Directory Monitor & Regional Routing

Content processing solution that provides capabilities for initiating the business process via a file directory monitor, initiating a workflow and routing it based on extracted metadata.

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