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A Configurable, Unified & More Powerful Interface for the Alfresco Digital Business Platform

Grid View of User Tasks

Expanded Search


Mobile Enabled

APS Admin Functions

ClearView provides a standard and single interface to both Alfresco Content Services (ACS) and Alfresco Process Services (APS).  Now you can search and access your content and user tasks without having to switch interfaces. 

standard interface





By displaying User Tasks in a grid or table like manner, more of your business pertinent metadata can be displayed instead of the standard out of the box data like create date, user name who started the process, etc. 

grid view of user tasks

aps user tasks.png

Because ClearView is configurable, you can create search forms for different applications by simply updating the configuration file and seeing your search form. 

Expanded search

acs search.png
Standard Interface
Grid View
Expanded Search

Standard Interface

Not only can ClearView be configured for custom search forms, but also for the look and feel of your applications.  The Application tiles are all based on configurations within the application specific configuration file.  


app page.png

Since ClearView is "device aware", you can take it with you wherever you go.  Need to approve an expense but you are stuck in traffic?  With ClearView, no problem. 

mobile enabled


To allow system administrators to perform some of the APS Admin related tasks such as bulk deletion or reassignment of tasks, ClearView has been customized to include these valuable and powerful features. 

aps admin functions

aps tools.png
APS Admin

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