First Look: OpenText MBPM 9.7

Getting Meta with MBPM 9.7

By James Cox, Principal BPM Consultant

In a previous blog, we talked about one of OpenText’s legacy BPM applications, Case360. Today, we’re going to look at another of OpenText’s legacy BPM products, MBPM, formerly known as Metastorm BPM. While MBPM still receives regular releases, the Smart UI interface is the only stand-out, new feature that’s been added to the application. The remaining updates have been bug fixes, adding support for the latest operating systems/database technologies, and updating the third-party components used by MBPM. This left a customer running 9.5 with little incentive to update to 9.6.

However, all of that is changing with the 9.7 release.

9.7 should be available for download in the third quarter of 2021 and promises to have some of the most useful/impactful features released to date. Let’s look at some of those features in more detail.

Smart UI Enhancements

For those of you that haven’t updated to 9.6, OpenText added a new portal interface called Smart UI. This interface replaced the Silverlight-based ASSURE WorkCenter interface used by ASSURE solutions. Smart UI allows users to build a multi-card workspace with access to the To-Do, Watch, Blank Forms, and Admin lists. The original MBPM portal displays each of these lists on separate tabs/pages.

With the 9.7 release, users will be able to open lists and forms in multiple cards on the same or different tabs. The results displayed in each of these cards can also now be sorted, and the items within these lists (forms, links, etc.) can be saved as a ‘favorite’ for easier access. The sort and filters applied to each list is preserved between browser sessions. Pagination has been added to lists, which should improve the performance. This release will also allow users to add SSRS reports to their workspace.